The SXM Festival association buys sports equipment for the students of Saint-Martin!


Following the passage of Hurricane Irma, the SXM festival association received donations to help rebuild Saint-Martin. Indeed touched by the images of the cataclysm, the friends of this association around the world wanted to help Saint-Martin. This association has chosen to direct its action for the benefit of the children of the island by financing sports equipment which will be available to all schools, colleges and high schools in Saint-Martin.

This solidarity action materialized during a demonstration Thursday, June 21 at the Mercure hotel in the presence of Moustafa Fourar, rector of the Guadeloupe academy, of Michel Sanz, academic inspector - deputy academic director of education services National of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, Dominique Boyer, inspector of the North Islands constituency, heads of establishment and the president of the USEP of the North Islands.

The association wanted to give the rector of the Guadeloupe academy a virtual check for 15 euros, a sum that will directly finance kayaks and various orienteering projects within the educational marine area, archery. and rollerblading, notably via the Tigres d'Orléans association, the USEP association of the Clair Saint-Maximin school located in REP + in the Quartier d'Orléans.

The managers of the SXM festival association and the festival director took advantage of this meeting to express their strong desire to make their action sustainable by subsequently funding other environmental and educational projects in partnership with the National Education Department. .

Moustafa Fourar, particularly appreciated this initiative, he strongly encouraged the pursuit of similar actions; He took the opportunity to congratulate the volunteers of this association and wanted to warmly thank the generous donors.

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