The 2021 budget is "common sense" according to D. Gibbs


The original 2021 budget of some 200 million euros was debated and adopted Monday by elected officials meeting in plenary session of the territorial council. The majority leader called the budget two words: "will and common sense".

“Volunteerism, because the total amount of 200 million euros is significant on the scale of our territory. It represents a third of our gross domestic product (our GDP). He embodies the growing power and competence of our administration, ”commented Daniel Gibbs. "Then, this budget is a budget of good sense, because we set priorities, and we want, above all, to invest for the future of Saint-Martinois and in particular of the youth of the territory", he continued.

“This 2021 budget will finance a number of concrete and expected projects:  our two colleges, the continuation of road works, the renovation of the seafront, the improvement of video-protection, the Nautical Center and so many other structuring projects… ”, quoted Daniel Gibbs.(

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