The “Young United Women” Book Club has been launched!  


Reading is universal, regardless of gender, age or social background. When we read our minds open, but today there are also a variety of genres specifically aimed at young people. It is through the dynamism and innovative spirit of this generation that literature has taken on a whole new meaning.

Seeing that the purpose of the United Women Book Club is to unite and bring together women who share and bond for the same mutual benefit, the demand to have a youth club was quickly felt!

A group of seven young women (Vanincia walters, Ravina Claudius, Carleen Griffith, Fabienne Chance, Shanice Powell, Jennifer Cocks, Latifa Parotte), from all walks of life came together and the group was officially created on July 8, 2018.

These young women are motivated and ready to carry out their potential projects in the community.

"It's as if a dream had come true," said Danielle Chance, the founder of the club. When I started the book club, I had a vision in mind that the book club will go beyond simple reading and interpretation ”.

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