Neighborhood council number 2 still has no premises


In 2018, a reform of the neighborhood councils was carried out consisting in the redefinition of the perimeters to create four councils instead of six. It mainly impacted former councils number 2 (Grand Case) and 3 (Rambaud) which partly merged. This new council thus covers Chevrise, Cul de Sac, Grand Case, a portion of Savanna and Morne O'Reilly, Mont Vernon, Saint-Louis, Rambaud, Cripple Gate, Pic Paradis, Colombier, the Savanna subdivision and Friar's Bay.

Fulfilling its missions is proving complicated for the new council number 2, which still does not have premises to meet. The former council 2 and 3 premises in Grand Case and Friar's Bay were destroyed during Irma's passage and no new space has been made available to the council so far. We suggested to council n ° 2 to use the meeting rooms of the Hotel de la Collectivité, but the place does not suit them. We are therefore looking for a temporary solution in the requested sector, ”Daniel Gibbs said last July.

Since then, the neighborhood council has found suitable premises at Hope Estate and communicated it to the relevant COM services. Council members were asked to put together the file (submit plans, security measures, building etc.) so that the request could be suggested and approved by the COM. But the members consider that it is not for them to do it but for the COM since it is the latter which must "make a room available". The question is therefore open.

In the meantime, the neighborhood council cannot hold meetings and hotlines, just as the person employed by the COM * and made available to this council, cannot work properly.

* Each council has a person made available by the COM to help it in its operation.


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