The Territorial Council adopts the 2023 supplementary budget


Meeting on July 20, the elected representatives of the Territorial Council chaired by Louis Mussington endorsed several decisions, including the adoption of the 2023 supplementary budget.

During his opening address to the Territorial Council, the president of the Collectivité, Louis Mussington declared: "The supplementary budget that will be voted on in a moment is a budget for adjustment and carry-over each time it is necessary. proved necessary. Despite all our goodwill, when the initial budget was voted on, it was not possible to definitively forecast expenditure and revenue. The supplementary budget that we will shortly be submitting for your consideration will enable us to make corrections to our forecasts. Last year, the vote on this same supplementary budget allowed us to adjust the budget we had inherited in order to adapt it to our claims for a recovery plan for the territory (…) that is efficient, quick to put in place and above all useful to all Saint-Martinoises and all Saint-Martinois. We needed to stimulate the economic momentum essential to the resumption of activity as quickly as possible. The purpose of the 2023 supplementary budget (SB) is therefore to take up the results of the previous year and to propose adjustments to the Collectivity's budget, taking into account the actual achievements and the progress of operations. It can only be adopted by the Territorial Council after the vote on the administrative account for 2022, the results of which it incorporates. It has now been done since July 20, 2023 with 16 votes for, 4 against and 2 abstentions. The execution balance of the deferred investments section is €29.447.971,12 and the deferred operating result is €36.859.987,61. The other measures taken by the Territorial Council will be detailed in our future editions. _VX

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