Readers' letter: The parking lot of the Albéric Richards stadium privatized!


The public car park (very large car park) in front of the Albéric Richards stadium is closed by barriers built by the COM for some time to allow certain privileged motorcycle schools to train their students for the passage of the motorcycle license.

So only from time to time 2 or 3 motorcycles come to train on this huge parking lot which remains empty the rest of the time when at least a hundred cars could park there.

Many of us wonder about the reasons for this de facto privatization of a public structure.

Ultimately, that this equipment is closed at certain times and returned to the public the rest of the time, we could understand. But that this parking lot is empty most of the time is unacceptable. LC


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  1. yann lecam February 2, 2020 at 10:03 am Reply

    The a priori message has been heard, one of the two barriers is lifted, so the public can park !!!
    For public parking it's just normal.

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