The pilgrimage to the grave of Johnny Hallyday has begun!


Since the rocker's burial last Monday, his burial is gradually becoming a place of meditation. Several residents of the island have already visited the Lorient cemetery and some fans have assaulted the Tourist Office to come and greet their idol in his last home.

Since burial, the Lorient marine cemetery, where Johnny rests, has reopened. Gradually, the rocker's tomb becomes a place of pilgrimage for his fans. Dozens of admirers of the singer on the island have already come to meditate on his white marble tomb, buried under the flowers.

Fans ready to cross the Atlantic

"RIP Johnny", "Thank you", "Love, love, love" ... Tributes to Johnny Hallyday adorn the grave. They are signed by Warner Music, Ti Saint-Barth, the Collectivité de Saint-Barth, but also many anonymous.

If for the moment Johnny rests far from the crowds of the hexagon, the most seasoned fans of rocker should not delay to land on the sister island of St-Barth.

Indeed, the Tourist Office has already received several calls from people wishing to cross the Atlantic only to get to the cemetery. More than nine hours of plane with a stopover or more… Nothing seems to scare the fans to greet, as it should be, the man of their life.

The "Johnnymania" is just beginning ... _AF

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