Update on the progress of the ongoing projects of the Collectivity and the EEASM


The community of Saint-Martin is currently leading several projects. Wednesday January 11, 2017, a delegation led by the president Aline HANSON carried out a visit of these achievements, with the technicians of the community and the delegates of the projects, in order to take stock of the progress of the works in progress.

The tour started at the Jean-Louis VANTERPOOL stadium in Marigot. The community began in 2016 the complete rehabilitation and coverage of the sports platform adjoining the stadium; a major project (2.3M €) which will be returned at the end of April 2017. The erection of the metal frame is completed, the installation of the roof is currently underway. The lighting of the site, the repair of the ground, the electrical wiring and the layout of the changing rooms will also be subject to upgrades to full standards. The community's youth and sports directorate will then install the sports equipment necessary for the collective sports practiced on the site.

The visit continued at the Albéric RICHARDS stadium in Sandy-Ground, which has just reopened its doors to users (approved sports associations). The Albéric RICHARDS stadium was completely renovated, for an amount of 1.1M €. It received a favorable opinion from the safety commission in early January 2017. The playground is equipped with latest generation synthetic flooring (the same as that of the Thelbert CARTI stadium), the changing rooms have been renovated; the stadium is now up to European standards and can host national and international competitions. Only the lighting of the site has yet to be renovated, work will start in 2017.

Once the new sports facilities were visited, the president went to Quartier d'Orléans where she was able to discover the site of the future wastewater treatment station (STEU). This new generation project, carried by the Saint-Martin Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM), will make it possible to treat the effluents of 18 equivalent inhabitants while being fully integrated into its environment. As explained by the President of the EEASM, Mr. Louis FLEMING, and its director Patrick LENTZ, the station will ultimately be located in a planted ecosystem, guaranteeing perfect quality of the water discharged. The works are in progress, the infrastructure will be delivered at the end of 000.

The visit ended with a stop at the offshore swimming pool installed in 2014 by the community in Galion Bay. Adjacent to the swimming pool, the community has built a first aid station intended to secure the body of water frequented by schoolchildren. The aid station will soon be put into service.


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