President Daniel Gibbs ends his tour of the heart of the neighborhoods


Daniel Gibbs has chosen this year to present his wishes to the driving forces of the territory by going to meet the population in the heart of the districts. The President respected the division of the new Neighborhood Councils by going first to Grand Case on Tuesday January 22, then to Quartier d'Orléans on Wednesday January 23, to Marigot on Thursday January 24 and finally to Sandy-Ground on Saturday January 26th.

These trips to the districts were an opportunity for the president to communicate on the 2019-2020 roadmap, so that everyone is informed of the current situation and the projects that will be carried out in the coming months. With regard to the strategic axes which concern the whole territory, the president indicated the three main priorities of this year: to continue the reconstruction of the damaged infrastructures, to concretize the development projects validated in 2018 and to develop the public policies of accompaniment of Saint-Martinois and businesses.

"Supporting young people towards training, access to employment and integration is also a priority for 2019", informed the president, taking advantage of his wishes to announce the launch of the first part of the Territorial Vocational Training Program which provides 30 training axes ranging from refresher courses to diploma courses.

The president also indicated that priority would be given to the implementation of a policy in favor of housing, in particular for access to property in order to help our fellow citizens to find accommodation, as well as to the establishment of the new local urban plan, the Saint-Martin Urban Plan, whose tender will be launched in mid-February.

The president then listed the reference projects for each district, projects whose visuals were presented to the population in the form of information panels installed near the president during each vows ceremony, as well as on the territorial bulletin (Newsletter n ° 2) of the community made available to the public present, on which a focus is made on each project. Please note that the Newsletter can be downloaded in French and in English from the Community's website:

Through his wishes at the heart of the districts, President Gibbs wished to go as close as possible to the inhabitants to explain the policy he is carrying out with his group.

“With these four dates, I think I have given everyone the opportunity to come and hear my message and take note of our roadmap for 2019 and 2020. I also know that the media have relayed the information for those who 'couldn't move, it's important'.

“It is crucial that each citizen can understand the work that has been accomplished so far, the work that is underway and the projects that we will carry out for the benefit of the whole territory; understand the course we have set to develop Saint Martin, ”concluded the president.


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