The Anse Marcel wastewater treatment system operates "in degraded mode"


In November 2020, the ASL Anse Marcel wastewater treatment system was checked by an environmental inspector. He noted a number of shortcomings, both administratively and technically.

The system does not have a declaration receipt or authorization order. Built in 1984, the station operates “today in degraded mode, several pieces of equipment are shut down and some materials are corroded, their replacement is necessary. The operator nevertheless maintains a minimum treatment thanks to Cédes (no analysis since 2016) ”, noted the inspector.

“Today this equipment is the only one that allows the WWTP with a treatment capacity of around 1000 Eh to operate at a minimum. According to the operator, the degraded state of the WWTP makes it possible to treat only the current low effluent load. This situation is linked to the combination of the low rate of tourist attendance at this time of the year and the health crisis (Covid 19). We have no indicator as to the quality of the treatment. ”He also reported.

The inspector also noted that the lifting station located at the entrance to Anse Marcel is prohibited from access because “the operator having observed a level of H2S greater than 55 ppm decided to padlock the access door at the PR about 1 year ago ”. And to add: "this pumping station is located under a building which is being renovated and therefore represents a public health risk".

On the proposal of the Director of the Environment, the Prefect gave notice to the trade union association of Anse Marcel in his capacity as contracting authority of the WWTP to carry out the necessary analysis, diagnosis and studies. the rehabilitation of the pumping station and the wastewater treatment plant before April 30, to file a water law (DLE) file with the DEAL one-stop shop at the Saint-Martin prefecture before July 30, 2021, to carry out work to restore the pumping station before July 30, 2021 and work to restore the WWTP before July 30, 2022. A contract with an operator must also be redefined before next week. ASL must also have BOD (biological oxygen demand), COD (chemical oxygen demand) and MES (total suspended solids) analyzes carried out as quickly as possible.

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