The operational eco site to receive and treat post Irma waste


A week after Irma, the waste sorting and processing platform on the French side was operational. 

In view of the volumes to be treated, Verde SXM, the company which manages the eco-site on behalf of the Community, will receive in November three hydraulic excavators and a loader as well as a new compactor. A bulldozer has already been received, it arrived from Martinique on a requisitioned barge.

A metal shredder was also rented and installed. Its daily processing capacity is 80 to 100 tonnes. The metals are reduced into small pieces which are then cleaned and sorted; clean metals are separated from aluminum and other wastes. They are then sent to be upgraded in foundries. To date, some 300 tonnes of plate have been processed out of the 4 tonnes estimated. "We toured the eleven waste storage points and judged that there were around 000 to 2 tonnes of plate stored," says Patrick Villemin, co-manager of Verde SXM. “But without counting all the metals that have not yet been picked up and those that will be thrown away during the reconstruction. We should reach a volume of 000 tonnes, ”he continues.

Everything that is household appliances (refrigerator, washing machines, etc.) called WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) is also able to be treated by the ecosite.

The end-of-life vehicle processing center (ELV) is also operational. "Part of the roof is gone but our machines are working," said the co-manager, who signed an agreement with four insurers (GFA Caribbean, Allianz, Ocealiz and La Maif) to more easily recover wrecks. (Source:

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