Transportation investigation extended to October 30!


With the aim of producing a Territorial Displacement Scheme (STD), the challenge of which is to improve traffic and parking conditions throughout the territory for all users, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin invites the population to express themselves through a satisfaction survey with public transport users, and a general public survey on habits and modes of travel on the territory.

People wishing to participate in this survey can answer the two questionnaires online on the Collectivity of Saint-Martin's website: (click on the page of the new site, then on the badge " Transport and displacement survey ”.

As a reminder, the blue questionnaire covers modes and choices of travel, it is primarily intended for drivers of private vehicles. The green questionnaire concerns the degree of satisfaction with public passenger transport (bus). It is mainly aimed at urban bus users. Your answers will make it possible to define new perspectives in terms of accessibility, on which the Collectivité of Saint-Martin can rely to carry out its territorial plan of displacement. The Collectivity of Saint-Martin invites you to contribute to this operation of general interest. These questionnaires are completely anonymous. The end of the investigation is set for October 30. _AF

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