The company "Koole Contractors" again chosen to remove shipwrecks in part French


“Koole Contractors” once again won the public contract to remove partly French shipwrecks. She was also the one who carried out the same work on the Dutch side. 

In July 2019, the community had chosen "Koole Contractors" for the removal of shipwrecks in part French following a public call for competition.

"Koole Contractors" is a company based in the Netherlands and specializing in aquatic work. She had already been selected by the COM in 2017 to remove the wreck El Maud in the bay of La Potence in Marigot

In 2019, “Koole Contractors” estimated the “collection and transport service in the sector subject to declaration of end-of-life boats” in Saint-Martin at 2,35 million euros. It won the contract ahead of SNR (5,87 million euros), SMR TC'Express (4,15 million euros) or Avenir Déconstruction (3,62 million euros).

The contract between "Koole Contractors" and the COM had been denounced by one of the candidate companies as well as by the legality control of the prefecture. Irregularities having been noted by the services of the prefecture, the COM was forced to cancel the contract.

Then the COM entered this (long) period of restructuring of its public procurement department and the market was slow to be re-published. It was released on May 30, 2021 and companies had until July 5 to respond, the document specifying that the contract was valued at 5,5 million euros.

Meeting on September 16, the  COM call for tenders commission again chose “Koole Contractors” and submitted its choice to the executive council, which endorsed this choice. Between 2019 and 2021, “Koole Contractors” increased the amount of the service, which now stands at 5,11 million euros excluding tax. The official COM journal does not specify the other offers. ( 


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