Civic service agents in contact with the population in the neighborhoods


The Solidarity and Families delegation, chaired by Vice-President Annick Pétrus, initiated an awareness-raising operation to protect the immediate environment and beautify the districts of Saint-Martin. Young civic service agents are at the heart of this field system.

This operation takes place in three stages:

1- Sensitize the inhabitants to the protection of the environment and the populations

2- A neighborhood cleaning operation

3- An embellishment operation (plantations)

The young civic service agents will be, from Wednesday 24 to Friday 26 June 2020, in the Sandy Ground district for the awareness phase with residents. They will continue their action the following week in the same neighborhood, with a cleaning and planting operation to beautify the neighborhood.

The other districts of Saint-Martin will also benefit from this solidarity operation. To carry out this action, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin works with neighborhood associations. The district councils are also integrated into the system.

The young agents of the civic service will come to meet you in July and August, to make you aware of civic actions to preserve the environment, protect against epidemics and prepare for the hurricane season. They have been trained within the Collectivity by the Major Risks unit and will soon follow a training course with the Regional Health Agency, in order to be able to sensitize the inhabitants to vector control.

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