MEPs validate exemption from social security contributions until June 30, 2019


As part of the discussions on the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS) for 2019 in the National Assembly, the deputies adopted amendment number 1382 aiming to extend the exemptions from social security contributions for businesses in Saint- Martin and Saint-Barthélemy until June 30, 2019.

This measure was announced by Emmanuel Macron during his trip to Saint-Martin on September 29 and 30. “This amendment aims to extend the application of the provisions decided after the Irma episode. As you know, the island of Saint-Martin was permanently destroyed by this hurricane, and we helped it to rebuild itself through reliefs and exemptions from contributions. We see today that this reconstruction takes time. This amendment therefore aims to sustainably accompany an island very badly affected by the hurricane. This extension corresponds to a request from contributors from Saint-Martin, but also from Saint-Barthélemy ”, explained to parliamentarians Minister Agnès Buzyn who presented the amendment.

This represents 44 million euros for the employer's share of the general scheme, [the amount is around] 44 million euros. "As for the contributions collected after Irma, it is 14 million euros for Saint-Martin and 14 million also for Saint-Barthélemy which could today be subject to cancellation," said the minister.

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