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At the end of the coordination meeting organized at the beginning of the week at the Collectivity, here is the latest information communicated to the attention of the population of Saint-Martin.

Social Care:

The social center of the community continues to welcome victims from 8 a.m. to 15 p.m. in its premises in Concordia, rue Paul Mingau (Pôle Emploi building).

  Solidarity and Families Pole:

• more than 70 families listed for the distribution of food and water

• Processing time for a file: 20 minutes

• The census of the victims will end this week

  Aid to victims:

• Single number: 06 90 37 84 01

• Legal - social - psychological assistance

• Appointment possible shortly

Removal of garbage and miscellaneous waste

• As of Monday, October 9, 2017, the collection of household waste is back to normal. The population is invited to use the dumpsters and no longer throw the waste on the public highway. Selective sorting of glass and cardboard must resume as before, the Grandes Cayes ecosite being able to process sorted waste.

• Traders are asked to transport their waste to the landfill and no longer to deposit their garbage cans on the sidewalks. Thank you to all those who will ensure cleanliness.

• People wishing to have car wrecks removed for free can approach the Sustainable Development Center, a former route du Fort Louis hospital, open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 15 pm.

This community management must make it possible to remove a maximum of abandoned vehicles and to clean up polluted areas.

The water network

• The UCDEM reverse osmosis plant is currently capable of producing 3500m3 of water / day, however it operates in a degraded mode.

• Générale des Eaux supplies 63% of households, but some sectors are still cut off, such as Anse Marcel Orient Bay, Oyster Pond. Many leaks on the networks

• A so-called “rotating” distribution is implemented with controlled cuts to try to serve as many sectors as possible and repair leaks.

The EDF network

• Out of 16 homes, 000 are supplied with electricity: 12%

• Out of 241 transformer stations, 231 are now secure

• All schools (public and private) are replenished with electricity

• 25 generators have been installed in areas where the networks have not yet been rehabilitated. These generators are used to power around twenty homes.


• At the request of President Gibbs: The device for a visible presence with traders reassuring professionals. 60 mobile patrols monitor the territory

• The traffic restriction is maintained from 00h to 5h

• 600 gendarmes are mobilized.

• 12 police officers from the Judicial Police have just arrived to help with the "looting" procedures.

• 120 procedures against looters have been carried out to date

Back to School

• Establishments meeting security standards have been reopened. Clair Saint-Maximin and Omer Arrondell elementary schools and colleges in the Orleans district, Cité Scolaire and Aline Hanson, Hervé Williams, Emile Choisy schools.

• Mont des Accords College and Jean Anselme Schools have just reopened.

Health - ARS 

• Opening of outpatient consultations at the LCF hospital in Marigot Concordia from Tuesday 10 October.

• 75% of general practitioners are open

• 50% of specialist doctors are open

• 5 pharmacies are open on 11 existing

• Vector control (mosquitoes): reinforcements will arrive on the territory to go door to door and prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes. Young people will be recruited on the spot to ensure this awareness.

• Specialized local companies will soon be asked to fight against the proliferation of flies

Note that the Orleans district doctors will be able to dispense prescription drugs to compensate for the lack of pharmacy in this sector.

The Orleans district dispensary has been transformed into a psychological support unit

The Sandy Ground and Grand Case dispensaries are currently welcoming doctors whose offices have been destroyed

A territorial decree will be taken for the capture of stray animals (dogs - cows - pigs).


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