The elect are looking at how they can help the Webster family


At the beginning of January, the elected officials decided to set up a general commission of the territorial council in order to discuss the problems of the Webster family whose land (appearing in the Beauperthuy estate) must be sold at auction. This committee met on Tuesday. The elected officials discussed the support that the Collectivity could provide to the family and the actions it could initiate.

The exchanges mainly focused on technical and legal aspects in terms of town planning with interventions by the financial administrator Mr. Guichon and the town planning council of the COM Mr. Baffert. 

The commission made it possible to answer questions on the possibilities of pre-emption of land by the community, possible only within the framework of the definition of specific projects on the said plots. In the case of a private succession, the COM has no power to act on court decisions.

President Daniel Gibbs assures that he is following this affair "with great  attention” and is in contact with the prefect and the family.


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