The results of the baccalaureate will be known on July 7!


More than a month to wait! The results of the 2020 edition of the baccalaureate, issued this year on the basis of the continuous assessment, will be unveiled in the establishments on July 7, "in all the academies".

In each subject, the average of the two averages entered on the first and second quarter reports will be used. The coefficients of each discipline remain unchanged. Work done remotely, after the high schools close on March 16, does not count.

The averages will be systematically rounded up. Thus, an average 8,1 / 20 will automatically be transformed ... into 9/20!

The notes will not be alone in the balance. "The jury can also, for the establishment of the final marks, value a commitment, the progress and the assiduity of the candidate", stipulates the draft decree presented on May 11 to the Higher Council of Education.

  Bac results: admitted, admitted orally or failed

To obtain the Bac diploma, you need an average of 10 or more. Between 8 and 10, you are allowed to take a remedial oral (admitted to the second group), in two disciplines maximum. If you are under 8, you are rejected 🙁

The mentions are only attributed to candidates obtaining the Bac at the end of the first group of tests, according to the average obtained:

• Mention Assez Bien (AB): average equal to or greater than 12

• Mention Bien (B): average equal to or greater than 14

• Mention Très Bien (TB): average equal to or greater than 16.

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