If you are a Mobile Dauphin Telecom customer, you certainly know the "TOP UP". This famous phone credit recharging service from the operator Dauphin Telecom, offers you “Double TOP UP” promotions several times a month: you recharge 10 € of communication and you are credited with 20 € !! This service, which is very economical for customers, is available in agencies, but also from many resellers across the island. Thus no less than 100 establishments in St Martin and St Barthélémy are TOP UP resellers. You can locate them using the "TOP UP" sticker visible on their display case or a round sign located outside the establishment.

Today, Dauphin Telecom wanted to thank its main resellers by welcoming them to its PRO space, for a gift giving accompanied by a small snack. “We wanted to thank and encourage our resellers, who have worked with us for many years, such as Mr. Artsen who was our first reseller over 15 years ago. We want to continue this partnership for a long time, specifies Peggy Renaud, Top UP Product Manager, and to satisfy our customers we will expand the range of products available from our resellers, with ready-to-use phones and SIM and mobile SIM cards. "

If you wish to become an authorized TOP UP reseller, you can contact Peggy at the Dauphin Telecom agency in Marigot. (Publi-report)

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