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Open since March 2022 at Hope Estate, Enigma Time has never ceased to delight fans of strategies and puzzles to solve. First Escape Game in Saint-Martin, it has become a must for those looking for a unique and exhilarating experience.

For the most novices, an escape game is a puzzle game that is experienced as a team. The players evolve in a closed, themed place, over a period of 60 minutes. To get out of the room, they will have to show reflection, cohesion and strategy to find clues, decipher codes, use the objects around them to progress in their quest and above all solve the ultimate enigma of their mission. The story component is essential in an escape game and Florian, creator of Enigma Time, the first of its kind partly in France, understood this well. Two enigma rooms with larger than life decor and air conditioning are available at Enigma Time: "the mysteries of the Bloodqueen" on the theme of pirates and "Vengeance at the casino" entirely thought out by Florian who will tell you each story before starting the adventure. The team made up of 2 to 6 players will escape from their daily lives to travel out of time with their share of adrenaline rushes. For a total immersion in a pirate ship, players discover the legend of the Bloodqueen, a fearsome ship that suddenly disappears without leaving a trace.

Armed with an ancient writing on which hangs a curse, the team manages to locate the pirate ship and prepare to board. Players will only have one hour to reveal all its secrets with the help of clues in case of blocking visible on a telescope. The casino room, devoid of any screen like that of the Bloodqueen and equipped with an exceptional slot machine, turns out to be a real headache for the most assiduous but literally fascinating. The players who rub shoulders with it are immersed in the context before entering the room full of mechanisms: after having masterfully stolen the largest sapphire in the world, you are betrayed by your teammates and serve a 20-year prison sentence during which your thirst for revenge continues to grow. When you leave, you learn that your former larceny teammates have opened an underground casino where the sapphire is said to be hidden there. You only have one hour to collect it. In addition to the magnificent sets, the experience offered by Enigma Time also relies on sound and light effects which fully participate in the unanimous feedback of the participants: unique, unforgettable and exciting. Enigma Time is accessible to everyone, children and adults, with family, friends, for companies, groups of children from 8 years old (then accompanied by one of the members of the Enigma Time team in chosen room). Twelve players can also compete in two groups divided into each room, the winner will be the first to exit. Open every day and located at 46 rue manioc in Hope Estate, Enigma Time is aimed at French speakers but also English speakers (except Fridays and Sundays). One team, one mission, one universe, 60 minutes. Are you ready to take up the challenge? _VX

Info: 06 90 66 99 66

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