LITERATURE: Franck Lopez publishes his new novel


After his novel entitled “I will find my blood in the mud” which plunged the reader into the heart of a world of pimping published in March of this year, Franck Lopez offers a new work “The Resilients” published by Le Lys Bleu.

School teacher in CM2 class at the Clair Saint Maximin school in Quartier d'Orléans and originally from Sète in the south-east of France, Franck Lopez draws his inspiration from richness of the cultures he encountered as well as the real and imaginary world that surrounds him. Having spent his entire childhood in central and eastern Africa, in Reunion, Guadeloupe and Martinique, the writer based in Saint-Martin for several years uses writing in a subtle and intelligent way by putting it at the service of Saint-Martin youth. -Martinoise. With the desire to make his students aware of the practice of the French language by creating a literary universe that can speak to them, Franck Lopez has written three children's novels including "Mystère au Galion" which tells the story of Tyandro, a curious little boy who lives in Quartier d'Orléans and whose plot takes place at the Clair Saint Maximin school. The author never hesitates to put a little reality into his fictional characters, drawing inspiration from former students or real-life stories, with a singular and endearing rendering. “Abduction from Grand-Case”, the author's second children's novel, tells the story of Shiloh, a mischievous young boy with a passion for fishing who is confronted with a disturbing disappearance. Finally, “Secousses à Saint-Martin”, his third novel adapted to students related to the island, features Raphaël, 10 years old, who explores the territory with his father, a researcher at the Earthquake Research Center, and discovers the devastating effects of earthquakes. The pen of Franck Lopez is also aimed at a mature readership with the publication of his new novel “The Resilients”: Among the darkest and traumatic events of our society are human beings and their history. This is the case of two apparently different characters, but united by a tragic destiny. The irrevocable will then provoke the most insane of encounters, in the midst of what were the sad attacks of November 13, 2015. The book “The resilient… as a process for selflessly accepting the intolerable”, which deals with a sensitive subject with respect, is available at the Islands Bookstore, 5th Avenue Hope Estate. _Vx

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