Unworthy Housing / Housing: a Saint-Barthélemy owner sued! 


An unscrupulous owner rented rooms at 400 euros, dirty and under-equipped, with a shared bathroom and kitchen that were not maintained and had no running water. Life is Beautiful…

“The Gendarmerie de Saint-Barthélemy has observed unworthy accommodation conditions in accommodation with several rooms rented by the month (note: 400 euros) to the Flemings. Due to the housing crisis in Saint-Barthélemy, several people have accepted unworthy and insanitary housing conditions (including one with an 11-year-old child), ”specifies the prosecutor detached from Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin in a press release .  

They are housed in cramped rooms without air conditioning, dirty and under-equipped, with a very dirty and unmaintained shared bathroom and kitchen and without running water from Irma.

The owner did not carry out any cleaning or improvement work on the accommodation, which is still rented, despite a warning from the ARS. He is henceforth prosecuted before the criminal court in Saint-Martin and summoned on September 26th under article 225-14 of the penal code: the fact of submitting a person, whose vulnerability or state of dependence are apparent or known to the author, in working or living conditions incompatible with human dignity is punished by five years' imprisonment and a fine of 150 euros. 

This lawsuit is part of the post-Irma accommodation quality monitoring systems, in line with the law of 23 November 2018 on the development of housing, development and digital (ELAN) and meetings of local committees to fight against substandard accommodation (in partnership with  the communities of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, the delegated prefecture of St Martin and St Barthélemy, the Regional Health Agency and the DEAL).


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