SOCIAL HOUSING: Signature of the PEEC agreement


This Monday, June 5, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, the State and the Action Logement group signed a PEEC agreement (Participation of Employers in the Construction Effort) to accelerate the development of the supply of social housing in the territory. .

With a desire to expand the housing stock by offering decent housing at affordable prices, the actors concerned affirm their intention to set up an operational framework by allowing the intervention of Action Logement in Saint-Martin. The group manages Employer Participation in the Construction Effort under a five-year agreement concluded with the State of which Saint-Martin is a member. With this PEEC agreement signed by Louis Mussington, president of the Collectivity, Vincent Berton, delegate prefect of the Northern Islands and Bruno Arcadipane, general president of the national association Action Logement, several social actions will be deployed by Action Logement: aid for home ownership, housing rehabilitation and access to rental housing. Support for the construction, rehabilitation and acquisition of housing as well as specific aid for disadvantaged people are also taken into account in the agreement signed last Monday. With one of the highest densities in the French Republic, Saint-Martin has seen its demography multiply by eight in 40 years, the highest in France. For the State and the Community, joint work is a necessity in order to adopt urgent measures in favor of the development of social housing, hence the signing of the PEEC agreement with the Action Logement group, which aspires to a lasting partnership with and for Saint-Martin. _VX

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