Law (Non-compliance with confinement): Up to six months in prison and a € 3750 fine!


In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, the National Assembly adopted an amendment which aims to sanction more severely those who do not respect the rules of containment.

New turn of screw against recalcitrants in containment. In the midst of an epidemic of coronavirus, the National Assembly adopted an amendment, Saturday March 21, 2020, which aims to punish people who leave their homes without authorization much more severely. 

The first fine does not move: 135 Euros. If repeat offenders are checked within 15 days, the fine is that prescribed for fifth class tickets and thus becomes 1500 euros.

Contravention May Become an Offense

But if non-compliance with these rules is noted by the police more than three times within 30 days, the ticket then becomes a offense.

This one is punished with six months imprisonment and 3750 euros fine, as well as the additional penalty of community service and suspension of the driving license. Those caught in the act will then be arrested and tried as part of an immediate appearance.


The compulsory certificate for any trip

As a reminder, you must have a certificate (downloadable from the Ministry of the Interior website) for any trip:

  • Between home and work (if telework is not possible)
  • For essential purchases
  • For health reasons
  • For compelling family reasons, for assistance to vulnerable persons or childcare
  • For short trips (individual physical activity, needs of pets)


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