Fight against rising prices: A slight increase in prices observed on certain food products


In this context of health crisis, the work of the observatory of prices, margins and incomes (OPMR) is essential, as well as the participation of consumers by means of reports thanks to the online platform Signal Conso.

The OPMR of Saint-Martin was created by prefectural decree on May 14, 2019 before being installed on June 17, 2019. Its members are Madame la Préfète or her representative, the Senator of Saint-Martin, the Member of Parliament for Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, the President of the CESC, the President of the Consular Chamber, the trade union organizations (UGTG, UNSA,) FIPCOM, CPME, a consumer defense association (ADEIC), the director of the port of Galisbay, and the relevant government departments (DIECCTE). The President of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin is an ex-officio member of this joint body. The OPMR is chaired by Mr. Moguerou first vice-president of the Court of Accounts, president of section at the regional chambers of Guadeloupe of Guyana and Martinique and territorial chambers of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin. Its vice-president, appointed from among the members, is Mr. Passera, representative of Medef.

In 2019, the OPMR implemented two studies relating to a communication campaign on the Quality-Price Shield (BQP) and on the cost of construction materials and product quality. In 2020, he was associated with the work carried out by the DIECCTE and the Prefecture for the definition of a local BQP.

State services checks carried out in April 2020 assess price trends

In the current context of the Covid-19 health crisis, prices are showing some stability in Saint Martin even if increases have been noted for certain products (around 2%). Basic products (pasta, flour, eggs) have been replenished locally or have been replaced by other, more expensive brands. Similarly, for fresh products, distributors are sometimes forced to substitute fruit and vegetables from Spain, whose production is greatly slowed down, by goods from other countries, at higher purchase costs.

An online platform to report abuse: Signal Conso

A website dedicated to reporting abuse is available:

Its mission revolves around 3 axes: competitive market regulation, economic protection of consumers, consumer safety. Reports made by consumers via the platform are treated in real time by the repression of fraud as soon as it is a question linked to an excessive increase in prices.


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