Master Chance-Duzant: "he's not a Trumpist from the United States"


Her client appeared in court Thursday morning for illegally transporting a weapon to a roadblock four days after Irma. 

With the residents of his neighborhood, he held a dam at Cul de Sac in order to protect himself. "We didn't want gang members in the neighborhood," he explains. And to be a deterrent, he took one of his weapons, a semi-automatic rifle. Lying on the table, she had to intimidate. "It was locked," he says. During a gendarmerie check, the weapon was seen. Its owner argued that he was a sports shooter and that he had the necessary authorizations to hold it. What has been verified by the police. However, he took her to a place without authorization.

In accordance with the requisitions of the prosecutor who had recognized the specific context post Irma, the court pronounced as sole punishment the confiscation of the semi-automatic rifle and the cartridges found next to and in the trunk of the car. (More details on

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