Increase salaries to better attract doctors


The Guadeloupe Hospital Federation has drawn up a platform of proposals for candidates for the presidential election in order to raise their awareness of overseas health issues and encourage them to think about measures accordingly. The federation devoted part of its document to the situation of the hospitals of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy.

She points out that the territory is not very attractive and therefore has few doctors, especially the "hyper-specialized". “Local recruitment for all hyper-specialized trades is almost impossible,” she notes. 

In addition, the federation underlines a high cost of living on Saint-Martin and Saint-Barth, which hinders doctors from settling. It thus proposes to increase in Saint-Martin to 53%,  as in Reunion, the over-remuneration of all civil servants, contract workers and permanent or contract hospital practitioners and at 108% in Saint-Barth as in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon or to introduce a housing allowance to compensate for the cost rents.

Finally, the platform of demands recalls that following the passage of hurricane Irma, the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center saw the departure of “a third of its workforce” and that these “staff are still not replaced in a sustainable way”. (

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