Protest march by striking COM and CTOS agents in the streets of Marigot


The striking agents of the COM and the CTOS began a protest march of nearly three hours in the streets of Marigot Thursday, February 14 at around nine o'clock until the roundabout of Agrément before turning back towards the Collectivity where they arrived around noon. Traffic was blocked along their route causing disruption.

The day before, the representatives of the UTC-UGTG union, at the origin of this strike started on January 30, and the president of the Collectivity, were received at the prefecture for the second time, the State having proposed to constitute itself as mediator of this conflict. Meeting at the end of which no progress was noted, each of the parties agreeing on their positions. The demonstrators then gathered in the hall of the Collectivity where they arrested the president.

Daniel Gibbs announced at a press conference on Saturday that he had stopped negotiations and notified the strikers the day before that he was not in a financial position to respond favorably to the first of their eighteen demands: the recruitment of 16 CTOS.

“Yesterday, we saw Madame la Préfet again, as an intermediary. She told us that we couldn't recruit. In the afternoon we saw Mr. President, we re-explained our wish to him, he told us that he was going to give us a date to meet us and reopen negotiations. Today we are always on the move showing our dissatisfaction. "Said Nicole Javois, secretary of the UTC-UGTG section of Saint-Martin during the walk.

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