March for peace: 300 students from the Aline Hanson school march through the streets of Sandy-Ground 


On Friday, September 30, the 300 pupils of the Aline Hanson elementary school, accompanied by the educational team, parents and members of the neighborhood, marched for peace in the streets of Sandy-Ground.

The objective was to send a message to the population, all united for a good cause.

Since 2011, this school has been associated with the UNESCO network and celebrates the International Day of Peace each year in September. In this context, the students defined in class the notions of peace, tolerance, studied the outstanding personalities who worked for peace in the world such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Rosa Park and Gandhi. 

The artistic productions were numerous: crowns, portraits, banners, posters, flag, all with a symbol of peace (Dove, heart, etc…). Responded present the inspector of national education, the president of the community of Saint-Martin and the prefect in thought because he was on the move.

You could hear the slogan of the “Friendly school”: “I act friendly, I play friendly, I speak friendly” but also “Yes to peace, no to violence”. 

A little special attention for this edition on the current war between Ukraine and Russia.

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