Mathematics (Challenge des Tables): 360 students rewarded!


As part of the fight against numericalism, the constituency team of the North Islands found that many students arrive in 6th grade without knowing their multiplication and addition tables. 

To overcome this difficulty, which really penalizes students in mathematics when entering college, a challenge on the knowledge of tables for students from CP to CM2 has been introduced two years ago as part of the D'PASS project.

The top six students from each participating class were awarded at the end of the year. In all, 360 students in 9 schools and 60 classes were rewarded!

We congratulate all the students and teachers who have invested in this challenge. We also thank the Lions Club and its president Sandra FLEMING who support us on this project for the success of the schoolchildren of Saint-Martin.

The reactions :

Jean-Luc ELICE, Educational advisor in charge of mathematics

"The class participation rate for the table challenge is 44%, it has increased compared to last year but we hope to exceed 60% participation next year in order to have more students rewarded . For our 3rd edition, the education service will continue the battle against innumerism with the objective of rewarding 1000 students by integrating 6th grade ”. 

Sandra FLEMING, President of the Lions Club 

“For the Lions club, the table challenge promotes a taste for learning and effort among students. For 4 years, we have supported the constituency of the Northern Islands in the promotion of actions in mathematics. It is a pleasure for us to help motivate students because the mission of the Lions club is to help and serve the youth of our community. We congratulate all the teaching teams who made this table challenge a success ”. _AF


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