Max Rippon: "Saint-Martin is an intimate homeland"


As part of the fifteenth edition of the Saint-Martin book fair, Max Rippon, poet of Marie-Galante, went to meet the students of the vocational school on Thursday 1 June. He presented Regards, his last work published in 2013, to students of the 1st administration administration who studied his poems as well as to a ULIS class and students of first and final years in electrical engineering. “It seemed important to me to be there with them because Saint-Martin is a land that I have great affection for. An intimate homeland you could say since I have frequented Saint-Martin for decades. I am one of the founding fathers of the fair, this Book Fair, which I have accompanied for fifteen years regularly. "He said. The poet is also preparing a book of "stories" which speaks in particular of his meeting with Saint-Martinois at the Lycée Carnot. Access the full interview on


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