Message from the 1st Vice-President on the celebration of the 372nd anniversary of the Treaty of Concordia Dear fellow citizens,


"We must learn to live together as brothers, otherwise we will die together like idiots ».

It’s on this famous quote from Martin Luther King that I would like to celebrate with you the 372 years of the Cooperation Treaty which links the north and the south of the island, our Treaty of Concordia.

It is a date of great historical importance for our island Saint Martin, a date that symbolizes sharing, harmony, the free movement of goods and people between the two parts of the island.

As the world faces one of its greatest challenges - for it is global - no one is spared.

It is this challenge today that should remind us of the origin of our common history. This story that binds us, that defines us as individuals.

On this day of commemoration, it is important to put at the center of our decisions this shared obligation to live together and above all to think of the other at all times.

How can we ensure that cooperation is at the heart of decisions that affect us all, and not simply mentioned when we are going through a crisis like today?

In my opinion, it is essential that we make this cooperation a political priority and a real instrument of governance.

Whether through the United Congress French and Dutch or a joint Parliament, it is essential, at a time when the two parts of the island have acquired a certain autonomy, that the next step is materialized by the creation of '' a joint governance allowing us to establish our common specificities.

In this period of restriction and confinement, let's continue to share our daily life with our loved ones, let's take advantage of these moments of confinement to do what we have sometimes forgotten to do for a long time: talk, laugh, listen, advise, share … Living together quite simply.


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