Sanitary measures: Update of the information materials concerning the three adaptations of the contact case management protocol in schools


The health protocol against the Covid at school has changed three times in a week. Positive cases or contacts, self-tests, isolation… Here is how it applies in practice now.

Students identified as contact cases following the appearance of a confirmed case in a class can continue the day or half-day of class until their legal guardians can pick them up at the usual end of class hours.

Pupils with contact cases under the age of 12 as well as pupils over the age of 12 benefiting from a complete vaccination schedule will be given 3 self-tests free of charge in pharmacies and will no longer have to carry out an antigen test or a PCR test.

Finally, the legal guardians of the pupils must produce when the children return to class with a contact case a single sworn statement of the completion of the first self-test, of the negative result of the latter as well as their commitment to carry out the self-tests on D+2. and on D+4 and not to send their child to school if the result of one of these self-tests is positive.


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