Murder of Canadian tourist: Sint Maarten police arrested suspect


On Wednesday, June 5, at around 23:00 p.m., a Canadian tourist, accompanied by his daughter, was fatally injured during an armed robbery in the Maho beach sector. The detectives in charge of the case are still working to find leads and resolve this case, which has just seen good progress, since an individual has been arrested.

A suspect was arrested near a scrap yard located on Pond Island while in a rental vehicle. This robbery that had gone wrong had caused dismay, especially in the Dutch part, especially for the negative fallout that could ensue. In fact, security is a key point for tourism that is recovering and seeking a second wind.

The detectives in charge of this murder are still asking for the help of the population to obtain information from people allegedly in the area of ​​the assault. It is possible to call the anonymous line, 9300, or +1721 03 542 45 XNUMX. _RM

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