STROKE MICROPHONE: Have you noticed a drop in consumer prices in recent weeks?


Nénette: “Oh no! For many months, life has become more and more expensive and it is less and less livable for part of the population. Everything increases but not salaries or aid. Now you have to work within your budget, day by day. For my part, I often compare prices between the French and Dutch parts of the island. I buy products in bulk from Sint Maarten. I try to save as little as I can. On the other hand, the price of meat is becoming exorbitant, as are certain vegetables. I hope this food inflation will decrease over the weeks. This situation is becoming more and more difficult to manage! »


Eric: “It is clear that consumer prices are still high. Faced with this galloping inflation, we have to make choices. The price of certain products such as meat, oil and even pasta has skyrocketed. Personally, I favor the anti-waste operations implemented by supermarkets. Many food products are displayed at less than 50% when their expiry date is near. For those who have limited means, this is a good way to be able to eat healthy products at reasonable prices. On the other hand, eating meat becomes a luxury! »


Paulo: “Basically, Saint-Martin was around 30% more expensive than the mainland. Today we are at almost 42% increase! A blatant example is butter which has gone for more than 4,50 euros on the shelves while its price is less than 3 euros in France. Other food products are also constantly increasing. The same goes for household appliances and the price of materials in the construction industry. Previously, a container from Métropole was billed at 2000 euros. Today, we are practically crossing the 10 euro mark. This is going completely crazy! » _AF


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