MICRO-TROTTOIR BYE BYE 2021: “What are your resolutions for the year 2022? "


“Spending more time with my family. I started a new job at the beginning of the year which is very demanding, I have been very happy since then but I have neglected my family and my friends a little, I am often told that. I promised them to organize myself better to be with them, in any case, to enjoy it without thinking about work or what I have to do the next day. Especially since we are very close in my family, I have 6 brothers and sisters and I no longer want to miss out on the important things they may experience. Participating in this micro-sidewalk gives me the opportunity to tell them that I love them, thank you! "   Jason




“Take care of myself and others. I have had a lot of health issues over the past few years and it always reminds us of how fragile and precious life is. I want to listen to myself more and that's what I do now since I came to Saint Martin when I had been talking about it for more than 10 years, and I was still pushing back, caught in the rhythm of everyday life. Now I'm here, I made myself happy and it gives me amazing memories, I meet so many lovely people. The island is beautiful but its soul is even more so. Take care of you ! "   Nadine





"Maybe I should think less about the trivial things in life, sometimes I get angry about things that ultimately don't matter, I forget the basics, I would like to handle it all better. My loved ones tell me that I'm wasting my energy unnecessarily, but it's one thing to know and another not to do it! In any case, I hope that 2022 will continue to be good for my family and friends, that they are healthy and that everything turns out for the best. "   Nessa






“It's simple, I have the same resolution every year: quit smoking! I know, I know, it's not very original and every January 2022st, I manage not to smoke but I am sorely lacking in willpower. I have tried everything but nothing helps, bad habits die hard. I made the bet with my best friend that 2022 will be the right one, I am even ready to try hypnosis, that is to say if I am motivated. Come back to me in December XNUMX, we'll see if I have a new resolution for you! "   Marc Antoine

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