MICRO-SIDEWALK: “This Sunday, June 19, we celebrate all dads. How will you celebrate yours? »


"It's a celebration that is particularly close to my heart. My biological father left before I was born and my uncle raised me. I owe him everything, he taught me a lot of things, he was always there for me, in the hard times as in the important moments in my life. Every year for Father's Day I plan to do something special with him, he's a very hardworking and generous man, he doesn't often think about taking time for himself, doing things that make him happy because he is happy to make others happy. This year I would like to take him horseback riding because it has been a dream since he was a child but he has never done it. And neither do I… so this will be an opportunity to experience it together! Happy birthday, papua. »   jeremyah



"Since I was little, every Father's Day, my dad prepares a gigantic breakfast for the whole family, we tried to make him understand that it was up to us to take care of him, but he never wanted to hear anything. His way of celebrating his birthday is to take care of everything. We even tried to organize a 'special dad' breakfast the day before Father's Day but he guessed and on D-Day he was already preparing everything in the kitchen and on the terrace, he is priceless . He's an awesome dad and an amazing grandfather. So for this year, I'm still going to try to get ahead of him, but it could be complicated. In any case, we will celebrate him all day. »   Maxine


“We have a ritual with my sisters, every year we go for a hike with our daddy for Father's Day. He is still looking forward to it. One year, he thought we had forgotten when we did it on purpose, he was grumpy until the morning of Father's Day. We all got up early to prepare a breakfast picnic and we took it to Pic Paradis. He was so happy. We settled on the hill to enjoy the sunrise with a picnic and we continued the walk. Even though we had done this walk before, it felt like it was his first time. And he told us stories that we have already heard a thousand times, my dad! »   souli


“This year will be the first time that my father will not be with me. He died a few months ago, we were very close and it's still very hard for me, especially on that day because Father's Day is a day that meant a lot to us. Despite everything, we always took the time to do something together, whether it was a jet-ski ride, a diving session, or even going to the movies, sometimes it wasn't much but we took full advantage of it. To honor him this year, even if it will be with a heavy heart, I'm going to cook his favorite dish and take a long walk on the beach because he loved it. It is by thinking of the dead that we keep them alive. Happy birthday, my dad. »   Killian

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