MICRO-SIDEWALK: How do you judge the start of the high season in terms of attendance?


Mathieu (Pixel store)

“The Pixel store opened its doors recently, more precisely in October 2023. The start of the high tourist season does not concern me too much, I work more with professionals and residents of Saint-Martin and not with passing tourists. I am relatively satisfied with the start of my activity which must continue to develop. More and more customers come to see me at the store. There are a lot of passages on rue de Concordia. I invite people to come and discover my specialized store as its name indicates in IT, Multimedia, Gaming PC, accessories, maintenance and repair of computers and other services always related to IT.




Françoise (Beach Party store)

“Honestly, I am very satisfied with the start of the high tourist season. It’s always nice to work with customers who have a smile. They are really adorable. Trade has picked up well since mid-November. I am lucky to have loyal customers from Saint-Martin, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint-Barth, without forgetting passing tourists or those who come to see me again every year. Downtown Marigot has regained a certain dynamism. Of course, it's not the big crowd every day, but the people who come to see us are much more consuming. At Beach Party, we offer beach items, especially swimsuits as well as textiles, pants and shirts which make the store so successful.”



Yann (ici Paris boutique, president of the Marigot merchants association)

" For now, everything is okay ! The month of December was very good, unlike October and November which were much more difficult. Since the start of the end-of-year festivities, there have been more tourists than in previous years. Which is a good thing for the local economy. Otherwise, we have big plans for 2024 with the emphasis on nightlife in Marigot for all the merchants in the city center who would remain open until 19 p.m., on Thursday and Friday evenings or on Friday and Saturday evenings throughout the year. throughout the tourist season. Finally, with the Tourist Office, we are going to reintroduce Marina Thursdays. We will have the opportunity to talk about it again very soon.” _AF


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