MICRO-STROKE: How did this new school year go at Mont des Accords college?


Lisandra (Class of 4rd Confident)

“I experienced this start of the school year with a little apprehension. Last year, I attended the René Descartes private college in Hope Estate but the establishment was closed by decision of the Prefecture. So it’s a bit of a special start to school for me. As the days go by, I discover a new world that is welcoming. All the ingredients are there for me to work well with my new teachers.”




Mia (Class of 3rd Duras)

“The start of the school year took place in good conditions. I found several friends from last year. In class of 4rd, I had chosen the in-depth English option.

Almost all the students who had taken this option find themselves in the same class this year. I hope to get good results for this final year of college. I know what I have to do to achieve my goals and move on to second grade.”



Florentino (Pineau Class)

“After two months of vacation, we need to get back into the swing of things. Back to school is always a bit special with new teachers and meeting new classmates. I will put all the assets on my side to do well  to work. To do this, you must pay attention in class, do your homework at home and not stay up too late to be in good shape the next morning. From there, good results will follow.” _AF

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