MICRO-TROTTOIR / Covid-19: “Were you able to carry out a test quickly? »


In view of the growing number of Covid-19 contaminations, the queues to carry out an antigen test (or even PCR)  have been noticed for several days, whether in pharmacies or in screening centers, and this, almost everywhere on the French side of the island. Testimonials.

" Yes and no. I went to the Grand-Case screening center opposite the post office thinking it would go faster because I passed several times in front of the Hope Estate pharmacy and the queues seemed endless. The waiting room in the center of Grand-Case  was full when I arrived, yet in the early hours, but I think everyone had the same idea to come early. So I turned around when the nurse told me that I was more likely to pass more quickly at the end of the day. When I went back, they were over 200 tests done that day, and it wasn't over. I was tested much faster than I expected. »   Josiane



“We waited two hours. I had tried to make an appointment but without success. Afterwards, I understand that it's not possible, especially when you see the number of people who are at present sick, and again, we do not count the people who tested themselves at home and who were positive. So we took our troubles patiently, even though we had already visited two pharmacies before and it was still full of people waiting. We had no other choice but to wait… perhaps we should think about setting up another test center to ease the congestion a bit. »   Roman




"Yes, strangely, I think I arrived in a niche where there were fewer people, I was lucky because the pharmacist told me that they were unable to follow up between contact cases, symptomatic cases and people who need to test negative to leave the island. I'm a home nurse so I can confirm that right now it's the testing factory. I run back and forth to do them, I don't stop and my phone just rings for requests for home tests, people don't want to wait indefinitely outside a pharmacy or in a centre. Let's say they expect a little less with me! »   Crystal




“I wanted to make an appointment at the Hope Estate lab but they never got back to me. I went to the drive but you had to have an appointment, on the other hand, if you were pedestrian, it was not necessary, it does not make sense and I did not understand this strategy. I didn't want to go back to the pharmacy or to Marigot because the queues went all the way to the sidewalk. I decided to come back later to the laboratory and finally, there were a lot less people, I passed in less than thirty minutes. Negative certificate in hand! »   Gaëlle _VX

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