MICRO-TROTTOIR: “What do you plan to do for the Pascal long weekend? "


“We will take advantage of these few days to get together with family, with the essential egg hunt. It is always a big event with us, whether for the little ones but also for the big ones. We will hide it in the garden but also in the house, and we form three teams made up of children and adults to ensure the same opportunities for each team. But in the end, we always share everything at the end between us, otherwise it's guaranteed liver crisis! " Filip



“Easter is one of my favorite holidays. With the children, we have an egg workshop, I boil them the day before and the next day everyone grabs a brush to paint their egg. Painting, drawing, everyone decorates it to their liking. Then we make baskets with coconut leaves by weaving. It's fun for children but also educational, we reuse natural products to make something that they can keep to store toys or something else. And as a reward, we savor some chocolate eggs. " Magali




“It's a big family celebration, we meet at the beach where we share a big meal that we will have prepared the day before. Everyone gets their hands dirty, what I prefer is doing the accras with my mother. But what I especially like about the celebration of Easter on the beach is that we always meet friends there, it's also part of the tradition! " Liam       

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