Micro-pavement: What to expect from COP 21?


As climate change becomes more visible and more worrisome, yet another negotiation is brewing within the international community. The 21st Conference of the Parties (COP) will take place this year from November 30 to December 11 in Paris, with the aim of finding common ground for the years to come. New failure or historic agreement, what should we expect from COP21?

On the French side, the major objective is to lead to the adoption of a global agreement on the climate making it possible to limit the rise in temperatures to 2 ° C.


What do you think ?

06-11-15-Rene-ArnellRené Arnell (Representative of Saint-Martin on the Economic, Social and Environmental Council)

“Climate change is becoming worrying. Natural disasters are increasing in many countries. The great powers of this world must tackle the problem head on. I am thinking in particular of China and the United States, the biggest polluters on the planet. During COP 21, concrete measures must be taken and above all respected! ”





06-11-15-Khaled-AbidiKhaled Abidi (Security Guard)

“The first thing is that we have to restore confidence with the countries of the south and the most vulnerable countries. Each year, an average of 20 million people are forced to move due to the consequences of climate change. According to United Nations projections, if we allow climate phenomena to develop, climate refugees will number in the hundreds of millions. This is the real challenge of COP 21! ”





06-11-15-Catherine-SimonCatherine Simon (Surface technician)

“Even if they are kept, the promises of the States at COP 21 will not make it possible to achieve the targeted climate objectives. This is what I heard recently on television. Today, no one respects the environment. And what about the industrialists who pollute the atmosphere more and more? Honestly, I can hardly believe in a miracle! ” _AF

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