SPECIAL SAINT-SYLVESTRE MICRO-TROTTOIR: “What are your plans for New Year's Eve? "


“I'm going out with some friends, we decided not to plan anything precisely, just to have fun and go dancing. I never really liked the holiday season but after the year 2021 and everything that has happened here I think we all need to take a breather and enjoy the good times hoping that 2022 is less complicated because it has been hard in recent weeks. I want to wish the readers of Faxinfo a happy new year ... so happy new year everyone! "   Mack



"We will celebrate as a family, as always, we like to get together and take stock of the past year, it has become a tradition, it looks a bit like family therapy but not at all ! It's our way of expressing our gratitude for what life brings us and the pleasure of being together. The infernal rhythm of everyday life often makes us forget that the moments spent with the people we love are precious. But we will go out anyway to admire the fireworks in Grand-Case, I wouldn't miss it for the world. "   Monique



“I might be lacking in originality but I don't usually celebrate New Years Eve, whether it's Christmas or New Years, but 2020 and 2021 have been such special years, with all that is going on. in the world and everything that has happened here in Saint Martin, I want to mark the occasion for the passage to 2022 by hoping a little more softness, that people find themselves without stressing the next day, we will say this you want, but on New Year's Eve, there is that atmosphere in the streets. We are therefore going to go out and soak up it, with the fireworks as an apotheosis of course! "   Yasmine



"So, once is not customary, this year, we are going to combine Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve because there were flight cancellations for several friends and family members and since we were not not together on December 24 as planned, we will make up for it all. We will spend the last day of 2021 at the beach and in the evening it will be at the restaurant because no one wants to cook and that suits me very well! Especially since I intend to take everyone to the fireworks to close the year. "   Jacks

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