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They were just 25 years old when Marick and Marc-Hadrid created Awesome Sound Record in 2012, “a music label”. They are two, they are brothers, they are musicians. One is a sound engineer in mainland France, the other lives in the West Indies. The second asks the other to come in. Their ambition is to "help young people and develop music in Saint-Martin". Two years later, they won one of the three prizes in the innovation competition organized by Initiative Saint Martin Active. Today, they make a series of recordings and host their own program on Youth Radio once a week.

Although they had spent part of their childhood in Guadeloupe, it was in Saint-Martin - an island that also saw them grow up - that they wanted to settle. “In Guadeloupe, there were already quite a few studios; in Saint-Martin there was not much ”, confide the two brothers. “At first, we started in a studio in the house. We did the music and the instrumental part. Then we became more professional, that's when we chose to participate in the Saint Martin Active Initiative innovation competition, ”say the two brothers whose artist names are Speyenol and DJ Eyedol. They then moved their studio to a room in Marigot and developed their work.

At the same time, they offer their cousin Ti Al to produce it. Ti Al writes the lyrics and the music for his songs and will release his first single with his cousin Speyenol, Belle et Ravissant. A clip is also shot, the video has been viewed more than 241 times on the G-Islands Tendance channel.

Speyenol and DJ Eyedol also produce other local artists like Yogsta, Keros-N or Don2pit. "We work with teams locally and also in Guadeloupe, particularly in terms of videos", they explain while also performing themselves.

At the end of August, they finished the clip for Ti Al's second single in Saint-Martin. "It's a solo project," says Ti Al, encouraged by his cousins ​​to do a five-track. Speyenol and DJ Eyedol would also like on short films and develop the audiovisual part within their label.


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