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Author, composer, performer, Priesleerie had presented his first single entitled "Anviw An Vi An Mwen" some time ago, a well-paced zouk. Today, he does it again with another equally paced zouk, "Irma Survivor", in video format with images shot by Lunatik Videos.

Priesleerie went to see this video company, in order to get support for the title he had composed to mark the sad anniversary of Irma's passage. After giving the text of the song and explaining what he wanted, the video was edited based on the song "Irma Survivor", with images of the tragedy, but not only. "We survived, so now we have to show joy but also, at the same time, the pain of what we experienced," says Priesleerie. A video he hopes to see over time and which has been available on Youtube since August 30.

Priesleerie recorded the song in mainland France with the participation of the brass players who accompany the Kassav group, hence a particular sound. Thierry Delannay arranged and mixed the title, while the female voice was provided by Lynn, a singer from Los Angeles.

If the video is visible on Youtube,, Priesleerie offers the four-track CD, at a price of 5 € / $, which can be purchased on 0690 59 59 26. For those who would not have seen the clip “Anviw An Vi An Mwen”, it can still be seen on his Facebook page: _RM

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