MUSIC: Back in pictures from the SXM Festival 2023


After an unprecedented effervescence on the various sites of the SXM Festival which was held over five days, the time has come to take stock… more than positive.

The sixth edition of the electronic music festival, which took place from March 8 to 12, brought together as many festival-goers as the previous edition, namely between 4.000 and 5.000 people.

Counting the events organized around the festival, no less than 10.000 tickets were sold, with some festival-goers having accumulated several tickets to attend the many parties offered by the SXM Festival such as the panorama 2, the boat party or the catamaran cruise. . With big names in the electronic scene like Black Coffee, Marco Carola, Camelphat, Rodriguez Jr, Dubfire, Raresh, Sonja Moonear, the list is far too long to name them all. The performances were nevertheless masterful, whether on the sublime Arc Stage or the Ocean Stage at Happy Bay, which was worth the trip in terms of artistic creations and illuminations. This year again, the singular environment of the SXM Festival has managed to stand out with a decoration that commands admiration. The Bôho Beach Club site was not empty either in five days of festival where party lovers danced under the sun until dusk. With more than fifty nationalities represented during this sixth edition, compared to thirty-four last year, the SXM Festival once again contributed fully to the local economy, to promoting the destination and to raising festival-goers' awareness of eco-responsible gestures while allowing them to discover typical West Indian products. The ambient multiculturalism during the villa party at Sandy Lane in Terres Basses once again proved the unifying spirit inspired by the SXM Festival.

The performances of the artists, who were delighted with their stay and their participation in the festival, were remarkable and noticed. In an era where social networks have a predominant place in the four corners of the world, the visibility of the SXM Festival is breathtaking: 250.000 people reached per day on the various platforms. Building on the success of this sixth edition, the organization, led by Krystel and Julian Arbia, is already getting down to preparing for the SXM Festival 2024, which will hold even more surprises, great DJs and a prosperous future for the territory of Saint- Martin. _VX

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