NARCOTRAFFIC: Record seizure of 1 tonnes of cocaine by the gendarmes in Marigot Bay


1,8 tonnes of cocaine were discovered, yesterday Tuesday April 30 at the end of the afternoon, by the gendarmes, on a boat spotted in Marigot Bay (between Sandy Ground and Nettlé Bay, editor's note)

The gendarmes made a seizure described as historic this Tuesday, April 30 in the territory of Saint-Martin. The soldiers indeed seized an impressive quantity of drugs which was inside a fast boat. The military was alerted that a cigarette boat, equipped with powerful engines - but revealing no name or registration - entered the lagoon before stopping its course in Marigot Bay.

Once on land, the boat's crew immediately fled, leaving behind dozens of bales of drugs. After checks, these bales contained 1,8 tonnes of cocaine, the wholesale market value of which is estimated at 35 million euros.

Informed of this record seizure, the Basse-Terre public prosecutor's office in Guadeloupe designated the Saint-Martin branch of the anti-narcotics office (OFAST) to continue the investigations. The crew members are actively being sought.

Immediately alerted of this record seizure, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, praised the “gendarmes and police officers of Saint-Martin for this impressive seizure”. _AF


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