Swimming: The young champions of the GYMFIT swimming school in Olympic form!


Before the start of the summer holidays, more than 100 children aged 4 1/2 to 14 years old gathered in the pool of the GYMFIT swimming school to compete in the last competition of the season.

In a friendly but also intense atmosphere, the young swimmers showed real motivation at the idea of ​​climbing to the top step of the podium. In addition to the results, all the children registered in the different tests gave the best of themselves. Is this not the main thing?

Congratulations to everyone for your great performances and see you back to school!  _AF

The results :

COMPETITION 4 ½ years - 5 1/2 years

25m breaststroke: 1er CHERIAUX Charlotte 0'49, 2th OZEREE Noah 1'27, 3th POLYCAR Maeraun 1'30

Freediving: 1st OZEREE Noah 8 meters, 2th DUMOULIN Clarence 7,40 m, 3th CHERIAUX Charlotte 6,70 m

Dive: 1er CHERIALS Charlotte, 2th OZEREE Noah, 3th POLYCAR Maeraunn

Overall winner: Charlotte CHERIAUX


COMPETITION 5 years ½ -6 years ½:
25m breaststroke: 1er DAVIAUD Lucas 0'35, 2th GRUMEL Clara 0'44, 3th TIAN Manon 0'45

Dynamic apnea: 1er DAVIAUD Lucas 18m, 2th HECKMANN Lison 12,50 m, 3th GRUMEL Clara 12m

Diving: 1er GRUMEL Clara, 2th DAVIAUD Lucas & DORVILLE Zoe,

Overall winner: DAVIAUD Lucas


COMPETITION 6 years ½- 7 years ½:

50m breaststroke: 1er JACQUEMIN Océane 1'14, 2th MAILLARD Auriane 1'21, 3th THE NORMAN Achille 1'23

Dynamic apnea: 1st CARON Timéa 14 m, 2th JACQUEMIN Océance & MAILLARD Auriane & LE NORMAND Achille & VESTAL Kenzy & MILOVANOVIC Bogdan & ALZIRE FRANCFORT Alexandrine 12,50 m

Diving: 1er STEPHEN Kimaïa, 2th MAILLARD Auriane, 3th THE NORMAN Achille & CARON Timéa

Overall winner: MAILLARD Auriane


COMPETITION 7 years ½ -9 years ½:
100m breaststroke: 1er MAILHOL Amaury & DAVIAUD Célian 2'09, 2th PACTON Nolan 2'095, 3th GOMES PITS Indira 2'19

Dynamic apnea: 1st MAILHOL Amaury 21,5 m, 2th BERMUDE Victor & BAUX Virgile 19 m

Diving: 1er DAVIAUD Celian, 2th PACTON Nolan, 3th YAHUDA Sam Leo

Overall winner: MAILHOL Amaury


COMPETITION 9 years ½ -11 years ½:

100m breaststroke: 1st MAILLARD Albane 1'43, 2th HENRY Kévin 2'09, 3th MARLIACY Ethan & SLOVINSKY Lena & MARTINEZ Yoshka 2'11

100m crawl: 1er MARTINEZ Yoshka 1'30, 2th MAILLARD Albane 1'36, 3th MARLIACY Ethan 1'52

Dynamic apnea: 1er MARTINEZ Yoshka 31,50m, 2th MAILLARD Albane 28,80m, 3th HENRY Kevin & MONTANARY Kelissa & POLYCAR Maelys 25m

Overall winner: MAILLARD Albane & MARTINEZ Yoshka


COMPETITION 11 ½-14 years old:

100m breaststroke: 1e PAKA Elisabeth 1'50, 2e  GRUMEL Thomas 1'58, 3e HAWIA Guillaume 2'00

100m crawl: 1e HAWIA Guillaume 1'38, 2e PAKA Elisabeth & GUILLOT Emma 1'43

Dynamic apnea: 1e HAWIA Guillaume & GUILLOT Emma 25m, 3e  Paka Elisabeth 24,50m

Overall winner: HAWIA Guillaume



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