SWIMMING: A beautiful competition organized in the new Gymfit pool


A great competition with the Gymfit swimming school took place last Saturday in the new Gymfit pool at Hope Estate.

60 children, aged 4 to 12, competed in different disciplines.

Here are the results:

Group of 4 years:

25m beats with board: 1st Mae Lys 41 ", 2nd Shelixia 53", 3rd Clara 59 "

Static apneas: 1st Shelixia 22 ", 2nd Kevin 19", 3rd Clara 16 "

Diving: 1st Matahi, 2nd Kevin, 3rd Shelixia

Group of 5 years:

50m breaststroke: 1st Mael 1'30, 2nd Albane 1'40, 3rd Cléa 2'15

Dynamic apnea: 1st Albane 10m, 2nd Mael 8m, 3rd Luna 7m

Diving: 1st Shayanna, 2nd Laureleen, 3rd Albane

Group 6-7 years:

50m breaststroke: 1st Stella 1'30, 2nd Alexia1'32, 3rd Maya 1'38

Dynamic apnea: 1st Maya 12m, 2nd Nahé 11.50m, 3rd Romeo 10m

Diving: 1st Romeo, 2nd Pablo, 3rd Lucas

Group 8-12 years

100m breaststroke: 1st Zoé 2'07, 2nd Océane 2'19, 3rd Ivan 2'22

100m crawl: 1st Kerry Anne 1'53, 2nd Anto 2'04, 3rd Zoé 2'05

Dynamic apnea: 1st Ivan 24m, 2nd Kerry Anne 17m, 3rd Océane 16.50m. _AF

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