Boating: End of the Grant Thornton Dinghy competition


The “Grant Thornton Dinghy” nautical competition found its epilogue last Saturday in the lagoon of Simpson Bay, with races made spectacular by unstable winds. Thirty sailors from neighboring islands competed in dinghies in four different categories.

In the Optimist class, Emma Lennox takes first place, while in the Laser class, Justin Pieterse and Jordan Pieterse finish first and second respectively.

In the RS Vision category, Jesse Lake and Mathijs Detering won first prize and Robbie Ferron's team placed first in the Sun Fast 20 category. Special attention was paid to Emma Lennox, for her third place in the Mini Bucket in Saint-Barthélemy in the Optimist category. On this day, the Sint Maarten Yacht Club organized an end of season party and thanked their partner Grant Thornton who made this series of competitions possible. Thornton has assured that he will be a sponsor again next season.


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